Rooks County Commissioners


JUNE 1st, 2015

The board of county commissioners met in regular session with John Ruder, Larry Poore and Corky Hagan present.

Clara Strutt, Rook County Clerk was present to write the minutes for the board

Virginia Laska and Candace Rachel were present to write the news for the local newspapers.

John Ruder called the meeting to order.

Commissioners accepted the agenda as presented.

Lorraine Baughman County Health Administrator came into request that the Health Insurance for the Health department be carried under the Employees Benefit line item in place of the Health Department Budget. She said this will help to keep the health department running. Commissioners told Lorraine Baughman she could remove it from her 2016 budget and they would carry it under employee benefits.

John Ruder made a motion to approve the May 29th minutes for printing and Larry Poore seconded the motion with Corky Hagan agreeing.

Corky Hagan said they had straighten up Z road between 8 & 9 as tanker were unable to get in.

Commissioners commented that Mike Graf had passed away that was with Ellis County Road & Bridge Unit.

John Ruder made a motion to endorse a check he received from Leon Ross for rent on the Landfill land and pasture and was forwarded on to Rich Bouchey in the amount of $550.00 for pasture rent and $200.00 in the total amount of $750.00. Larry Poore seconded the motion and Corky Hagan agreed.

John Ruder said he several companies checking out the asbestos in the old hospital for bidding purposes.

Alan Gosser called about a rock pit he has available to the county. Rich Bouchey will check it out.

Corky Hagan made a motion to approve the May 29th commissioners minutes for signing and Larry Poore seconded the motion and John Ruder agreed.

John Voss came in about the water line at the new jail that he felt it had been oversized.

Rich Bouchey said they had about 175 vehicles go thru at the county wide cleanup day. Rich Bouchey said he received donations form Woodston City in the amount of $100.00 and from Stockton City in the amount of $75.00. John Ruder made a motion to endorse the two checks and Larry Poore seconded the motion with Corky Hagan agreeing.

Rich Bouchey said they have been working in Carl Hance pit and the Atkissson pit. Rich Bouchey reported he had filled out the landfill renewal permit last week.

Rich Bouchey said he had attended the mitigation work shop last week in Phillipsburg.

Gerald DeBoar suggested cashing on our federal funds as the county has approximately $500,000 in it. It can be used on bridges.
The dozer should have all the parts in today and we should get it back real soon.

Sanding has been going real well. Corky Hagan said 9 road between E and F are bad.

Larry Poore said P road between 26 & 28 is real bad.

Corky Hagan suggested that the Correctional Facility maybe could pick up trash off of the roads south of the landfill. Corky Hagan will check with them to see if they are available.

Rich Bouchey sent information to Damar & Palco on cost to seal there streets. Rich said the county cost is about $1,000.00 a day. The city will purchase there covering.

Rich Bouchey said he had no new information on the two tractors order thru Farm Implement at Plainville.
A letter of termination was sent to David Bouchey do to health reasons.

The fair board had worked the race tract. The fence is going back up in front of the grandstand since most work is getting completed. The grandstand is needed by June 20th.

Larry Poore asked when the Road and Bridge department will be back in his area. Rich Bouchey said D-26 is on schedule for rocking. Larry Poore said they haven’t done anything in his area for 5 years.

Jolene Neinberger with Senior Companions Program and some of her employees came in to request fund for 2016 and each person told how long they had worked for the program what they did. Those present were Wayne Spore-7 years, Wanette Spore 24 years, Phyllis Post- 11 years, Jolene Barth-4 years, Virginia Sims- 6 yrs, Molene Hartzler said she was the new kid on the block, Terry Eggers-5 years and also visit the nursing home 3 days a week & Betty Cadoret is a Foster Grandparent -17 year. They are not allowed to ask for any support from the people they visit. Fund requested the Senior Companion Program is same as last year. Jolene Neinberger said they really appreciate the Rooks County Health Department.

John Ruder made a motion to split a check to Robert W Barnett in the amount of $1500.00 and deposit the $3350.00 to commissioner misc. income. Mr Barnett said it didn’t take as much time as estimated.

A rent check was received from State of Kansas in the amount of $1500.00 for the month of June for the Water Resource building. John Ruder made a motion to endorse it and Corky Hagan seconded the motion with Larry Poore agreeing.

Butch Post – Emergency Management said all fire chief approved allowing fireworks in Rooks County. Commissioners then approved allowing fireworks in Rooks County.

Butch Post presented a Grant for the commissioners to sign that he receives approximately $11,000.00 to help fund his salary. John Ruder made a motion to sign the application and Larry Poore seconded the motion and Corky Hagan agreed.

Butch Post said the mitigation plan run out in 2016 and the state is going to do a regional plan now. They discussed safe rooms and culvert etc. There was 5 there from Rooks County at Phillipsburg.

Gary Knight said Larry Poore and him will go done to Kansas City and meet with the head architecture to see what can be done to make the jail come in under the estimate. Gary said they had some item that they thought could be removed. Corky Hagan will talk to the Correctional Facility to see if they can do some of the painting and landscaping etc.

Lorraine Baughman presented her updated budget for 2016 to the board. It will be put all the other budgets now.

Kenneth Forssberg came into discuss that the electric line had been cut to the crow nest where they broadcast there races from. He said a cordless is $450.00 and the commissioners asked him to check with Royce Muir, Fair Board President to see if they can furnish him with one in place of putting a line back in. Kenneth Forssberg said the horse arena has a good sound system. He said the fair board give him $800.00 to do the necessary work. John Ruder said he will relay information to the fair board.

Gary Knight came into discuss the jail project.

Larry Poore made a motion to approve vouchers

John Ruder
John Ruder, Chairman
Larry Poore
Larry Poore, Member
Corky Hagan
Corky Hagan, Member
Clara Strutt
Clara Strutt, Rooks County Clerk